A Power of Attorney is a serious matter. In the most general terms, it means you give the power to make decisions and sign documents on your behalf to an individual other than yourself. A Power of Attorney also entitles that individual to purchase life insurance, settle claims, operate business interests, make real and financial gifts, make health care choices, and hire professional help in your stead. Assigning or becoming a Power of Attorney is not a simple matter because Powers of Attorney can take on a variety of forms, including the following.

  • A General Power of Attorney applies when you are traveling out of the country and need a trusted person to handle legal and personal matters.
  • A Special Power of Attorney applies when circumstances require someone else to be in place to sell property, manage real estate, collect debts, or complete business transactions.
  • A Health Care Power of Attorney grants someone the right to make decisions regarding your health care, up to and including, signing a living will or advanced health care directive.
  • A Durable Power of Attorney comes into play when an individual’s mental health deems them incapable of making appropriate decisions for themselves.

Choosing a person to serve as Power of Attorney involves a great deal of trust and respect – and legal acumen. At some point, anyone can benefit from assigning someone to serve as their Power of Attorney in the even they become incapacitated. If you live or do business in the state of Georgia and want to assign your power of attorney to someone you trust, or if you are in a position to serve as a power of attorney to help safeguard to wishes, demands, and assets of someone you love, call the Grissom Law Firm, LLC. Their experienced staff of attorneys have the skills and knowledge you need to make sure your wishes or those of your loved one are safe and protected.

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