Hospice care does an incredible job of taking care of your loved one, but now is a good time to research what to do when you have a loved one in hospice care.

When preparing for the end, consider the following:

  • Do you know your loved one’s burial requests? Do they want to be buried or cremated? Are they an organ donor? Do they have a medical directive or living will in place? If they have a medical director of living will, refer to that document as it should specify their requests for end of life treatment.
  • Determine if your loved one has a pre-paid burial contract. Make a phone call and ask questions. If you are not in the town the pre-paid arrangements are with, ask if the funeral home has a local funeral home they contract with for transportation.
  • Locate a funeral home you will use if your loved one has not made arrangements. Have the phone number ready to call and determine the costs associated with the process. Consider making the final arrangements in advance, so you don’t feel rushed or unprepared when your loved one passes.
  • Jot down notes, names, special memories for friends to read about, a timeline of your loved one’s life, etc. to include in the obituary. Be sure to consider where you wish to run the obituary and to find out the cost. The cost is typically determined by the number of words.
  • Call their pastor, priest or friends who may want to say prayers for them or have one last visit.
  • If you are not local, determine who you will call to assist you.
  • Does your loved one have a Will or Revocable Living Trust? Where is it kept?

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