A Last Will and Testament is a document that allows you an opportunity to communicate your wishes and to dispose of your assets after death according to those wishes.

There are many reasons to use a Last Will and Testament. The following are some of the reasons but is not an exhaustive list of the reasons:

  • If you would like to distribute your assets in a manner different than the intestate laws which differ from state to state.
  • If you wish to leave property to people who are not your heirs as defined under state law.
  • If you wish to leave property to charitable organizations.
  • If you wish to decide who will be responsible for administering your estate and carrying out the terms of your Will.
  • If your estate’s value is larger than the current federal estate tax exemption amount.
  • If you wish to name Guardians for your minor children.

The requirements for execution of a Last Will and Testament are a matter of State law and differ from state to state. There are also restrictions regarding who can witness a Last Will and Testament. These restrictions differ from state to state as well as whether the Last Will and Testament must be notarized.

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