There are lots of low cost options online these days for various services. You can book airline tickets, sell your house without using a realtor, get medical advice, and create legal documents through sites like LegalZoom. It’s a great new development, right?

In the case of legal documents, it might not be. That’s because even with something as apparently “simple” as a will you can make mistakes when you don’t get the proper legal advice.

First, wills are not simple documents. Each person who makes out a will has unique needs and desires about the distribution of their estate, and there are no cookie cutter solutions. In today’s world where divorce is more common and blended families are becoming the norm, there are more decisions to be made about who should receive what, and when. A service like LegalZoom relies on general information about common situations, and cannot address anything out of the ordinary. In fact, LegalZoom states on its Website that it is a “legal document assistant”, as distinguished from a licensed attorney, and as such cannot provide advice about “possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, etc.”. This basically means that you’re not going to get legal advice from LegalZoom.

Sure, you can save money by using a legal document assistant like LegalZoom, but in the long run it could cost your estate money because mistakes were made. Not to mention the heartache when your heirs are not provided according to your wishes.

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