As a part of preparing or updating an estate plan, many clients change the title to their real property either transferring their residences into their revocable living trusts or updating how the property is titled between spouses to avoid probate. When the deed is filed, the information from the deed is available to anyone who chooses to take the time to access it.

Several clients have contacted our office recently stating that they received an official looking notice that they can order a copy of their deed for $60 – $65. They only need to complete the form and return it and they will receive the deed in the mail in a few weeks.

When our firm prepares and files a deed on your behalf, we pay the recording fees necessary as a part of the recording process and we will either send you the original deed once it has been recorded or a copy of the deed if we are maintaining your estate plan. There is no need to send any money to the companies sending these offers. The companies sending the offers are only paying pennies for a copy of the deed and then selling it you at a profit of $60 or more.

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