Many people think estate planning is for a certain age and time in life, but the truth is that all adults – no matter what age – should consider estate planning. Estate planning is not just for the old and wealthy people. Estate planning should be considered by the young and not so wealthy persons as well. As long as you have money in a bank account, stand to inherit assets from family, or have assets of your own, etc… you should consider estate planning.

Preparing for probate will help save your family members from many of the challenges the process brings. If you are an adult, you should at least consider having a Will, a power of attorney, and a health care directive drawn up to ensure that your final wishes are understood and legally carried out in the event of your untimely death or tragedy.

Let me be frank, without a will, the state and the courts can decide who receives your assets upon your untimely death. Also, it is possible the courts could decide who cares for your minor children, as well. To minimize the pain your family could possibly endure, it’s never too early to have a will in place. Having a will keep the state and the courts from making important decisions about your assets and children well-being.

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