Have you completed your annual filings and renewals? Are your corporate records in order? As a small business owner, there are many different filings that are due each year.

  • Have you filed your annual renewal or annual report, if any, with the Secretary of State(s) in which your company is organized? Most states that require annual renewal/reports have March or April filing deadlines. After the deadline, there are typically penalties imposed.
  • Have you filed your franchise tax report, if required? As with annual renewals/reports, these are typically due in March or April.
  • Have you filed your business occupation tax or business license renewal with the City or County in which your business is located?
  • Have you completed and filed your Federal Tax Return? If your tax year ends December 31, these are due in March unless your entity is a disregarded entity for tax purposes.
  • Did you issued W-2’s, 1099’s, etc. by the end of January and file your W-3 and 1096 in February?
  • Did the Members or Board of your company have an annual meeting in the last year? If so, did you prepare minutes of the meeting for the corporate records?

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